Rules of Examination

The Meghalaya State Council for Technical Education would conduct the examination according to the prevailing system.

8.1 Two semester examination (Odd and Even) would be held in each academic year. 

8.2 There shall be one final examination at the end of each semester and it shall be termed as 

(a) 1st semester examination

(b) 2nd semester examination

(c) 3rd semester examination

(d) 4th semester examination

(e) 5th semester examination

(f) 6th semester examination.

End term end examination in any semester would be conducted for all courses, registered and re-registered for examination in the respective semester.

8.3 Attending the classes regularly to attain prescribed percentage of attendance and securing minimum percentage of Marks in Internal Assessment of the respective subjects of respective courses as stipulated in 7.0 would make a student eligible for appearing in the end term examination for the respective courses.

8.4 Sessional works which includes home work is to be performed by the students. On the basis of students performance in the class and satisfactory behaviour, Sessional marks will be allotted to them.

8.5 Class test are conducted by the teachers at a regular interval. Marks secured in the class test are credited to the Sessional marks. 

8.6 A student failing to attain the minimum attendance and sessional marks even in a single subject will not be allowed to appear in the semester end examination and he/she has to repeat the semester again by attending classes. 8.7 Such type of candidate will not be allowed to move to the higher semester without sitting in the previous semester end examination. 

8.8. Students eligible for appearing in the end-term examination for a course will have to register/re-register for examination of the respective courses in which he/she desires to appear in a term. Registration/re-registration processes will be carried out by the Meghalaya State Council for Technical Education. 

8.9 A student has to pay the examination fees as prescribed by the Meghalaya State Council for Technical Education from time to time, at the time of registration/re-registration for examination in the courses by filling in the prescribed form.

8.10 A student will be allowed to appear altogether in 11 (eleven) subjects only in end semester examinations including all subject of the regular semester with five arrear back subjects to be cleared.

8.11 While attempting to clear the back subjects a student must appear subjects of lower semester first then the higher semester.

8.12 A student must clear all back subjects of 1st semester for promotion to 4th semester, similarly must clear all back subjects of 2nd semester for promotion to 5th semester and must clear all back subjects of 3rd semester for promotion to 6th semester.

8.13 Those students who are not promoted and cannot take admission in 4th, 5th and 6th semester, can appear in back subject of the lower semester.

8.14 To pass in a subject a candidate must secure pass marks in both theory and practical/viva component individually.

8.15 A student failing in any one component of a subject (either theory or practical) will have to reappear in that component only as back subject in which he/she has failed.

8.16 Total marks and pass marks of a subject will be as per curriculum structure and scheme of examination.

8.17 Maximum permissible period for completion of Diploma course by a student shall be 6 academic calendar years from the date of admission.

8.18 Eligibility criteria for earning credit for a course:

The students must attend classes regularly for the course/courses to satisfy the prescribed provision for earning credit for the course.

8.18.1 For courses having end-term examination:

(i) A student must first satisfy the eligibility condition in 7.0 for appearing the examination. 

(ii) A student must secure 40% marks in theory end-term examination and 50% marks in Practical end-term examination of the course, as specified in the scheme of evaluation. For courses consisting of groups, specified minimum marks have to be secured separately for each group of the course. 

8.18.2 For courses not having end-term examination.

(i) A student shall have to regularly attend the classes prescribed for the course to attain minimum of 75% attendance. 

(ii) A student must secure 50% marks in the internal assessment for the course, as specified in the scheme of evaluation. 

8.18.3 The weightage to any course is provided in terms of credit based on contact hours. The contact hours is the sum of lecture, tutorial and Practical classes/hours allotted per week for teaching the courses.

8.18.4 Minimum credits to be earned by a student for award of diploma. The allocation of minimum credit to be acquired by a students under each category of courses as appended below:-

8.18.5 Student who have satisfied the eligibility criteria for appearing in end-term examination for a course and either have not appeared in end-term examination or appeared in the end-term examination but could not obtain the credit or the respective course are said to have “Kept the term” for the respective course. Such students have the option of either ‘registering a fresh’ for the course or ‘re-registering’ for the course. In the event of fresh registration, the credits for attendance and Internal assessment will not be accumulated.

8.18.6 The students who have ‘kept the term’ for a course can register for the respective course. Such students will have to appear only in the end-term examination of the respective course and the credits earned for attendance and internal assessment will be accumulated for transfer to the student. Such courses will be called ‘backlog courses’.

However, accumulated credit for attendance and internal assessment will not be transferred if the students register a fresh for the respective courses (subject).