Architectural Assistantship

Old Curriculum 2014

New Curriculum 2023 (1st year)

The Profession of designing buildings, open areas and other artificial constructions and environments with due regard to aesthetic effect, is known as Architecture. Architecture involves the synthesizing of design with environmental, technological and sociological expertise, in the conception and execution of buildings and is hence, a multi-disciplinary field. Architecture as a profession is linked intimately with a single largest sector of investment in the economy. Architects design a wide variety of buildings, offices, schools, factories, churches, etc. Architects are required to work in close coordination with engineers, planners, interior decorators and other professionals.

Jowai Polytechnic offers three years diploma course in Architectural Assistantship to meet the technical manpower requirement in the construction industry in the region and state as a whole.Its curriculum is developed with a view to comply with the modern technology and industry requirement. It fuses both architectural and civil subjects to serve in either the field.


One can find employment in the private as well as government sectors like the Central Public Works Department (CPWD); The National Building Organization; The Town and Country Planning Organization; The Housing and Urban Development Corporation(HUDCO); The State Public Works Department (SPWDs) or the City Development Authorities.


To man the large number of construction works going on today.