Automobile Engineering

Old Curriculum  2014

New Curriculum 2023 (1st year)

Automobile industry is becoming one of the major industries in the country and in the world. On the other hand it is one of the top runners among the self employment generation programmes. Meghalaya state in the North-eastern part of India has one of the highest growth rates in number of vehicles in the region and therefore need more quality and skilled technicians and Engineers in the country. The three year Diploma in Automobile Engineering offered in Jowai Polytechnic aims to provide the students a thorough knowledge in the field of automobile to meet the requirements of ever increasing demands of quality technicians and engineers both theoretically and practically. After obtaining a diploma, one can opt for further studies like B.E. or B. Tech or can opt for employment in various Govt. and Private Sector. It has a vast potential of becoming entrepreneur by setting up their own garages, repair and maintenance shops. Financial institutions are ready for and assistantship to establish their own enterprises

The Automobile Engineering Department of Jowai Polytechnic has well equipped laboratories and infrastructures for its various shops to impart technical know-how about the subject to the students. At present, the department has the following labs and workshops for the Diploma students as per AICTE norms prepared by NITTTR, Kolkata.


A. General Workshop 

 B. Engineering Mechanics Lab.

C. Automobile Machine Shop :

Ø Different Test Rig Engines of

(I)Two stroke petrol engine

(II) Multi cylinder petrol engine 

(III) Single cylinder four stroke diesel engine 

(IV) Multi cylinder diesel engine 

(V) Single cylinder four stroke petrol engine


 Ø Different Cut Section Models on

(I) Fuel supply system of petrol engines

(II) Radiator 

(III) Starting motor 

(IV) Diesel fuel pump 

(v) Two stroke petrol engine 

(VI) Magneto ignition coil and electrical wiring 

(VII) Shock absorber 

(VIII) Petrol engine fuel pump 

(IX) Model of complete electrical system 

(X) Four stroke petrol engine model 

(XI) Transmission and clutch cut section model 

(XII) Model of differential gear box 

(XIII) Model on hydraulic brake system 

(XIV) Rack and pinion steering mechanism 

(XV) Fuel supply system of diesel engine 

(XVI) Cut section model of dynamo and 

(XVII) Cut section model of distributor

Ø Battery charger and batteries 

Ø Welding machines 

Ø Engines of different models for students practice, e.g. Maruti 800, Maruti Gypsy, Peugeot engine etc. 

Ø Ambassador Mark III for students driving practice. 

Ø Mahindra Tourister Mini Bus as Institute Bus 

Ø Learner CDs in Automobile Engineering

D. Mechatronics Lab.

E. Automobile Machine Shop 

A. Universal Milling Machine

B. Center Lathe Machine 

C. Tool and Cutter Grinder 

D. Shaping Machine 

E. Horizontal Surface Grinder 

F. Radial Drilling Machine 

G. Bench Type Drilling Machine

F. Fluid Mechanics Lab.

A. Universal Pump Test Rig with Reciprocating and Centrifugal Pump

B. Pelton Wheel 

C. Francis Turbine 

D. Hydraulic Trainer Kit 

E. Electric Lift Post 

F. Air Compressor